Nadia | She/Her | Malaysian


Hi! I’m Nadia, better known as Oniwanbashu or Artsy-Hobbitses on the Internetsphere.
I’m a bisexual Malay-Muslim from Malaysia who daylights as a newsroom sub-editor and moonlights as an an artist.
My forte is digital art, character design and worldbuilding, and I have a deep fondness for 90s animation.
My interests tend to shift rapidly, but I’m mainly involved with the Transformers (Humanformers), Pokemon, Professional wrestling, Gargoyles and LOTR fandom.
I’ve worked on short comics for WWE and independent wrestlers, as well as merchandise for gaming companies, and while I don’t have much hopes of making art a primary living where I am, I enjoy the side gigs wherever I can get them!


  • WWE: Mustafa Ali (Shirt design)

  • Headlocked Comics (One-shot comics)

  • CHIKARA (Merch Design)

  • KRU Studios (Storyboards)

  • Lonpac Insurance (Merch Design)

  • Wylde Flowers (Merch Design)


Things I will do

  • Fanart

  • Original Art

  • Art Noveau/Art Deco

  • Gift Art based on real persons

  • Character Sheets

  • Humans/Furries/Monsters

  • Light NSFW/Gore

  • Storyboards

  • Comics

Things I won't do

  • Mecha (Except G1 Transformers)

  • Technical drawing (for my own sanity)

  • Explicit NSFW/Gore

  • Inflammatory themes

  • NFTs


  • Half payment up front, half at the end.

  • Above payment will be reimbursed if, for whatever reason, I am unable to continue your commission.

  • Two amendments for each stage (Sketch, Inking, Color), +USD5 for every following amendment.

  • I give no permission for commissions to be used for AI data.

Lineart (Bust)USD20
Lineart (Waist)USD25-30
Lineart (Fullbody)USD35-40
Full IllustrationUSD80-100
Add Character+USD10-20
OC Design services+USD10
Stained GlassUSD50
Magazine CoverUSD50-80
Commercial Use ArtContact for Info
Comic PageContact for info

Chibi examples

Colored/Shaded Bust example

Coloured/Shaded Waist-up example

Coloured/Shaded Fullbody example

Full Illustration example (Art Noveau)

Character Sheet example

Magazine Cover Example

Comic Page example


For further information, feel free to contact me on Discord, via E-Mail, or drop me a message on Tumblr where I'm generally most active!

If you love what I do and would like to support me in any way, fee free to drop by my Ko-Fi and Paypal!